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I always imagine paradise will be a kind of a library. Books give me a thrill and I will undoubtedly grab a good book over a pair of shoes.I tend to be very giddy and desperately want to rave about them. Mercy is my name, the founder of Bellapace Books.I won the new blogger award in 2016(SOMA OLX AWARDS). My blog is my playground and passion pushes my swing.Each time I try to have a reminiscence of a blissful moment, the first memory is when I am curled up in bed with a good book in my hands and my eyes glued on each page to the end.

This platform will be an episode of relentlessly advocating for reading beyond classroom walls.There will be a hodgepodge of book reviews, covering a multitude of genres, and we will be fussy on this role, it’s a no ho-hum zone(I am an avid reader but I only do reviews of books I rate 3stars and above).What’s more interesting than interacting with a fellow book nerd?A series of interviews with bibliophiles and authors will be a norm on the blog.

We also have a Bellapace Books Drive whereby we donate kids books to institutions we feel are in dire need of them.This way, we will inculcate and instill the reading culture to the youngsters.

It will be an elating roller coaster which is the life of a standard bibliophile.Book lovers rock the world!







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