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As Bellapacebooks, we have a place in our hearts for institutions that go out of their way to support children from wanting backgrounds. The most striking feature is how ardent the institutions are to educate the children besides providing the basic of needs. Watu Wa Maana Children’s Home at Ruiru is no exception. On 11th March 2017, Bellapace books partnered with Maktabas Inc, an organization based from California with a mission of promoting the reading culture and we had our debut book drive at the Home.

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Our experience on a Saturday crispy morning was awe-inspiring. As soon as we passed through the gates, we were welcomed with a rush of jovial, bubbly and playful kids anticipating hugs and who looked grateful we found our way there regardless of what package we had brought along. We donated 50 hardcover kid’s books and we were keen to ensure each child at the children home can get a variety of books to read despite their age.

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Watu Wa Maana Children Home was founded in 2002 as a feeding program, and it was not until 2003 that it converted into a boarding home. Their primary target was the children from the streets, and their initial number was nine children. The number has since escalated, and currently, they are supporting four university students, 29 high school student and 41 in nursery school and primary school level. They have five workers and eight volunteer students from United States International University(USIU).

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The gleam on the kid’s faces and the management upon handing them books was nothing to hide. We went further and had a reading session where our members read aloud to the children as well as some of the children willingly reading a story to the rest. The epitome of our day was when the children declined in unison when we informed them the reading session was over. They will since have an hour of reading per week! That was impactful. No?
Till our next book drive, keep spreading positive vibes and love to be the change you seek.

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