readingchallenge4“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down, and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them, and they always love you back.”

― John Green,


Happy New Year Fam bam! Honestly, I missed you all and the rousing news is that I am back and I feel more perked up. Who isn’t?  The year is still young anyway. How many books did you thumb cover to cover in 2016? Did you hit your booklist target? Are you one of those who leafed through a single book the entire year and to add fuel to the flames, you were nowhere close to the back cover. Well, we all prepped resolutions as 2017 dawned; feeding our brains,  ought to be one of them. Let’s do this bibliophile!

Personally, I have set out to read fifty books in 2017.Whoop! Wish me well guys. The good news is that I am already on book six, exclusive of those books I have discarded midway. Yes, if I don’t find a book riveting, I set it aside and move onto the next one. I totally relate to the guilty feeling that creep in especially when you nearly broke a bank to purchase a book, but, c’mon the world is full of enthralling books to waste your time on a slow and deadening read. The reason I strongly recommend reading a synopsis and knowing the genre of books that set your soul on fire prior to the purchase. Read the best books first, or you may never have a chance to read them-Henry David Thoreau.RBLB-2017-Reading-Challenge2

I am not calling upon everyone to read fifty books but creating your reading challenge keeps you on toes. I’m also looking forward to a new twist regarding the type of books I read by trying out a new genre, this brings more fun and kindles your reading. My book boyfriend kept pestering me the better part of last year to read a poetry book, and when I finally gave in, I felt challenged of what a prepossessing world I had blindly denied myself. I look forward to poetry books lately and this year I am hoping to have more banned books in my collection. I challenge you to stretch yourself, let us grow in what we read as well.reading-challenged3

Devoted readers and aspiring readers: the pace of completing a book will vary with every bibliophile. Reading is an art which implies that as you read more, you master the art of reading faster. Don’t be shy when a book nerd claims they finished a book in a night whereas the same book has been camping in your bag for days. You will get there someday.

About creating time to read,  hmmm.  I respect the different schedules we all have, but if you love something, you will create time for it. One hour in a day is enough to read so much. This can be in portions of 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening which call for locking out all destruction so that you can leaf through as many pages. The time allocated for reading is not final, and all book lovers should feel free to set aside reading hours that they feel suit them best.

Mood when you finally find your favorite genre of books.




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