DJ Pierra Makena

The adage LEADERS ARE READERS will never be erstwhile. Professionals doing exemplary in different fields have relentlessly evidenced that to remain relevant, our brains need to be constantly fed. Books are immensely helping in bridging information gap, books,  in this case, entail a hardcover book, a multimedia book application, or an audiobook. The pleasure of reading comes from what we read and not what we read on. ‘A book is a device to ignite the imagination,’ Alan Bennett

What kinds of books do DJ’s read? If at all they do read. The quest for knowledge is as much for  the disk jokers and this proves a good number wrong that some careers do not need  reinforcement of education. At one point in life, we all need a refresher which may call for grabbing a magazine with articles that cover our areas of interest, peeking through a favorite blog  or listening to an enticing mix crate {not sure about that though lol}.

A renowned DJ Pierra Makena from Kenya who is top notch in the industry is one commendable lady to look up to. She recently became a mother and amidst all the responsibilities she still creates time to read. Some gigs call for being awake the entire night but still that’s no excuse for her. What’s your excuse for not reading? An hour set aside for reading can only be compared to one stolen from heaven.

Makena’s latest book is Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spenser Johnson. A book she highly recommends and acknowledges that she loved it as it was timely with her current transition. The simplistic and short read comes with a vast amount of information concerning change both at a personal and professional level.


Problems of being a Dj and a book lover.Revelers can’t let you prosper.

P.S Who would you like to know the kind  of books they read?  Recommend in the comment section or write to us HERE.

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