Every time he calls

My eyes glint for effortlessly he enthrals

What he does leaves me with perpetual smiles

Making my lips curve into smiles spanning miles

With every beep that signals a text from you

My whole being is bundled off to the moon


In your velvet voice

All I can hear are angels belting out my song of choice

A song so captivating

Not even the classics of Morzat could have anything on it

Even more when you give me the must have

‘Take care love’


You get me through my night longings

And still you are the good in my mornings

Always lighting my path

With Zeal so indefatigable

Goes without saying the love

You get me is inexhaustible

My beloved thank you ever so much

             By Cassandra Aisling [JOURNEYS OF LIFE]

              Guest blogger; author of Journeys of Life poetry book.

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