Author :  Jojo Moyes

Genre :  Adult novel

Realistic fiction

Pages: 480

Rating : 4.5/5

Me before you


“Its not a matter of giving you a chance. I’ve watched you these six months becoming a whole different person, someone who is only just beginning to see her possibilities. You have no idea how happy that has made me. I don’t want you to be tied to me, to my hospital appointments, to the restrictions on my life. I don’t want you to miss out on the things someone else could give you.” 


As soon as a I leafed through the last page, I rushed to my bed and curled up waiting for the faucet of tears to turn on. I did wait and almost sobbed at the fact that my eyes were dry, no tears. Maybe because I couldn’t envisage my younger brother asking me why I am crying  and I am busy pointing at the book. It’s undeniable that the book took me through an emotional turmoil;a worthwhile upheaval though I turned out to be pretty cold hearted and remained emotionless in the face of tragic heartbreak and loss during that moment only. Otherwise pages were stained with tears and I  had to nurse a bruised, bleeding heart. The book happened to fall in all aforementioned boxes and that’s how I ended up caving under the pressure and grabbed the book.

I read Me Before You expecting the most poignant story on earth but I was wrong. It is a story of  a twenty six year old Lou who had no long term objective and doesn’t think of her future. She has never gone beyond the borders of her country and keeps off anything she perceives to be remotely dangerous and lived in a shell. She loses her job and her family is in a chaotic position. In desperation she accepts the job of being a caretaker of a quadriplegic Will Traynor who is both charming and  brash depending on the mood. And yet, there is something about him that she finds herself drawn to.In  order  to make his life better ,she plans out a series of events to make him happy.

What do you do when making the person you love happy also means breaking your own heart?

Will had once been on a fast track in life.He had an adventurous and thrilling life. However, it came to a halt on a black day when he was a victim of a grisly accident  that left the better part of his body paralyzed. The realism was that he was never going to recover and his entire outlook of life changed and he made an oddly understandable personal decision. It was heartbreaking to see such a  vibrant soul strongly and permanently confined.Lou brought moments of bliss in his life for the first time since the accident.

Me before you

I loved Will and Lou as two individuals who fell in love when they shouldn’t have.Wills sarcasm was his last defense when he didn’t want sympathy and still fought for being independent minded.Lou on the other hand was considered retarded and never given a chance to shine and she never dared to move out of her shell.Two befuddled love birds with nothing to fight for  clashed.How is it that you have the right to destroy my life,I wanted to demand of him,but  I’m not allowed a say in yours?

It darn hurts!Moyes  writing is hauntingly beautiful.She makes you hope then scared you to death.Hope and terror danced and kissed and fought as the clock was ticking,while you held your breath,while you laughed and cried.There would be gut wrenching  and sweet moments that made you forget the twisting of the knife in your head. Jojo Moyes  treats a difficult  and controversial  topic with sensitivity  and realism that isn’t  forced nor sentimental.I loved the pink cover too as it gave a chick-lit vibe.I would recommend this book to anyone and the blaring bells like those of trucks  turning are not going to stop any soon, as long as we get a first time reader of the book , so you had better got the book!




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