Bibliophiles have at least one thing in common: the love for books. However, each time I talk to another reader I am reminded that we express our affection for written works in totally dissimilar ways. I’m referring to how we read.
Juggling multiple of books, is it a yay or a nay? Reading multiple books always feels like cheating, actually let’s call a spade a spade, it’s cheating! Stolen meat is always the sweetest but it’s undeniable that at one time we will get caught. Don’t open that second book before finishing the first, or the book police will make you do community service in your local library for the rest of your life, lol!

There is no problem in reading two books at once, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from a particular story and immerse yourself into another (if you can keep track of all plots of course!) While reading multiple books at a time, you can look at what you are reading and select whichever best fits your mood at the moment. Along the same line, some books are more portable than others. Gorgeous collectible editions and personally inscribed books preferably don’t leave their safe perch by our bedside. Yet you would like to read when on the elliptical or out and about on a rainy day. You can leave the one you want in prime condition behind and take the smaller less coveted book with you.

You can keep the same ratio but we differ in our execution. Some may prefer non-fiction book to complement its fiction counterpart .It’s like book gluttony and just can’t help it ,no, let’s say we enjoy the flexibility. It’s nice for people with short attention spans, who can hardly read very long in one sitting. Such culprits are even content to steal snippets of ten to fifteen minutes here and there rather than settle down all day with a book. Circle through them reading one chapter at a time from each.

Never the less, there are those book nerds who will always steer away from reading two books at once. Worst case scenarios is that you will forget what happened in one of them and you will have to re- read a few pages before it comes back to you. More often than not, the reader forgets what happened to the one that ends up by the wayside and, they never go back to it. That’s how you end up celebrating a fifth birthday for a book on your shelf.

It can also prove to be challenging to understand anything because you forget and mix the two stories .The split of focus is for the chosen few but it also requires as much discipline and patience to read a single book at a time.

Whatever works best for you, use it to kill your rat. Just be sure to finish reading and the span of time is not questionable. Recall our last blog? Stop reading and start READING that’s the ultimate goal at the end of the day. ‘We’ll need to work harder, and study more, teach our children to replace the remote controls and video games with books and homework ’Barack Obama: Change we can believe in.


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