Evolving Beyond Karago-Ini

So this past weekend was an eventful one. I am still in that “take me back mood” (and by the way if you know that person who rewinds moments like this let me know), just mention your price! The event was organized by EYG which is a mentorship programme that aims to give back to the society through mentoring secondary schools and primary schools. The founder happens to be an employee of PWC ,they have members from DELOITTE,KPMG,GOOGLE and artists…so you can imagine the impact the group have on schools. Are you involved in any activities of giving back to the society? If not,please make a point.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of othersMahatma Gandhi.

The event was at Karago-ini secondary school in Nyahururu, the environment was breathtaking. From the fresh air to the quiet surrounding, it felt like heaven for us who are used to the hustles and bustles of the city, not saying those noisy  matatus that make me slap my ears and shake my head continuously like a weirdo every time I alight one.

 The beautiful girls and handsome boys of Karago-ini looked so eager to learn, receive advice and tips from the EYG team ,some of whom had no easy past ,but hey! They still made it .We don’t choose where to be born but we choose our destiny, isn’t life fair?

The school is in a remote area, wait ,how comes in Nairobi such areas are named leafy suburbs? Next time anyone tells me I am from shagz  you cease to be my friend henceforth ,tell me I am from leafy suburbs ,lol.Is it the structure of houses? the concrete wall or maybe because the roads are muddy? Whatever the difference ,it is all the same. It is a day school but we insisted to the students that the means doesn’t always justify the end ,so they still had a chance as their counterparts in boarding to perform as well.

As Bellapace Books we played our part , advocated for  reading beyond school books. Be it a constructive magazine or newspaper article ,grab it !This is where I disagree with my president, “gazeti si ya kufunga nyama “. It is through reading that our ambitious brothers and sisters, not just in Karago-ini but also in other remote areas ,pardon me ,interior leafy suburbs get to know what is happening beyond the walls of the village. They broaden their mind and have the exposure through reading .It should be no crime when a teacher finds a student reading a novel once in a while ,but what has our current education system done ?It’s all about schoolbooks and them only .I wasn’t perplexed when the exam irregularities in 2015 hit the climax. There is much more beyond school books. You have a kid, sibling? Encourage them once in a while to read something different and have in mind you lead by example.

The epitome of the day was the Thompson Falls visit. Life is too short not to have fun and so we had our share. On Sunday we had what some of the members referred to as the Nairobi Syndrome , we couldn’t feel our legs! We are used to taking a ride to places that will take us less than 10mins to walk ,we claim time is money but we can’t afford to trade our health for money. Can we?So now I have become a Dr. I should just stop here before I venture into architecture through my opinions on the premium houses next to the Falls.

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  1. Nice work you are doing.

  2. Awesome �� great work and honour to partner with you

  3. It was a pleasure working with you and of course having you in the team!!!

  4. I am humbled and looking forward to other events.Your are a great team I must admit.

  5. Magesh Herico

    Awesome. The team is doing a wonderful job. Thumbs up.

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