Stop Reading And Start READING

Are you reading at a disturbing pace?…and by disturbing I mean where you find yourself holding your chin the moment you look at your bookshelf, smack your head often  for  failing to finish up a book as soon as you wanted to,  not saying the many times you told a white lie to a reading buddy whom you got a  book at the same time and they are done already!
Its fine dearies ,at least you made an effort ,but hey! You cant  live in consolation forever you got to make progress .
I will be sharing tips on how to break the record of the number of books you will read in 2016. Reading was one of the resolutions you made for this year, right? Hahaa don’t you deny…and you are halfway the book you got yourself on 1st January…better late than never though. ALAS! We said no excuses so let’s stop reading and start READING!

Reading is a skill and takes time to master, the more you do it the more effective of a reader you become .You should flip at least  two pages on  a busy day that means sparing at least 20mins. With time you will be amazed that you flip four more pages within the 20mins. Can you recall how you learnt to ride a bike while young? That’s the exact way the reading skills get nurtured.
We shall have a super reader at the end of the day, one with experience, broad vocabulary knowledge and background knowledge as well.
Connect what you are reading with something you already have an interest in. We all have the surrounding  or reading positions that you achieve utmost powerful reading .In case you don’t have one yet, it’s high time you identify with at least  one ,it could be your balcony where the cool breeze entice you to flip more pages of your read, your bedroom with the door locked or music playing in  background. You can as well have a certain seat that you feel more comfortable or a reading position, my best friend enjoys reading at a slanted position, lol , with her legs up .Whatever it is that makes you get carried away connect with it.
Don’t just get a book and start reading immediately without a clue of what it’s all about ,some even go to an extent of forgetting the title, that’s a crime for book nerds! Read the prime information first which includes the heading, pre heading, table of contents vocabulary terms though not all texts have this ,bold texts and review questions in some books. The fastest reader reads a book in 2mins, and that’s precisely how they do it. See, that’s how you will end up in the Guinness book of records! Thank me later.
Pseudo scheming in this case will apply whereby you focus on specific paragraphs and read the first and the last  sentence or glance overs the page  lightly, picking up the occasional observation or idea. What you put into your brain in this process is crucial and improves your reading speed, but don’t claim you have read a book by skimming   alone, you would rather do an audio of the book.
Scott Berkun said comprehension does not equal wisdom, comprehension is for test, wisdom is for your life. Take time to write something you love, take notes and implement. This way, it becomes interesting  and you won’t  wake up to the disappointment of dozing off midway or worse the sight of  dog eared pages with drool.

Read and take action….stop reading for the sake and start READING with a purpose.

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  1. Great guides. I am fully working on rekindling my reading consistency and I'll get there

  2. Thank you Erick,it's an interesting journey and worth it,we will walk together.

  3. Thank you Erick,it's an interesting journey and worth it,we will walk together.

  4. I hope it’ll work for me

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