Month: June 2016



Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson has been laying miserably on my shelf for quite some time. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it and more so  being voluminous. It came with a jacket of praise because it appeared on  Mark Zuckerberg 2015 reading list and that’s how it found its way in my hands. Having pursued Economics in my undergraduate, I could absolutely relate to it as soon as I raved about it, such an insightful and terrific book!

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Professor Nato : Reading should be viewed as a pleasure not a chore

Professor Jacob Nato is a lecturer at Kenyatta University. He lectures in the school of Economics. Bellapace had a chance to interact with him and the session was phenomenal. He is an avid reader and his vast knowledge is dazzling.

No one has time, we create it. Those who claim not to have time will stagnate for as long in their goals. I don’t consider reading as a residual activity but rather part of my daily routine. I include it as I plan for my day and strictly read at that time .


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