Month: April 2016

Book Nerd Problems

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Dealing with books can be a sensitive issue to bibliophiles, investing in books and handling them is not a walk in the park. Book nerds take books for precious gems in their life and mishandling a book can cause emotional turmoil so next time I lend you a book take good care of it, a mere dog ear or highlighting my book can be the end of our good friendship. It’s ‘MY BOOK!’

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The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives

baba-1Baba Segi is a hardworking, uneducated husband to three wives: Iya segi,Iya Top, Iya Femi and father to even children. Their lives take place in Ayikara as the 20th century is drawing to a close. When Baba Segi takes a fourth wife,whose mother is furious for throwing herself away to such an oaf, Bolanle’s university degree creates tension between her and the other semi-illiterate wives: and her inability to become pregnant after Baba Segi’s ‘pounding’ is the predicament that sets emotions roiling and schemes in motion. Baba Segi’s ignorance and sexism are a source of hilarity particularly in the hospital scenes, as well as inducing belly laughs.

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